About ConsumerSafe.com®

At ConsumerSafe.com®, we assist people who want justice after they’ve been the victim of a large company’s negligence. Our team works hard to ensure you have access to the best network of attorneys related to your case. 

If you or a loved one has experienced a personal injury or wrongful death as the result of a defective product, a surprising side effect of medication or an unexpected environmental condition, let us help you when you sign up for a free case evaluation through ConsumerSafe.com®.


Why trust ConsumerSafe.com®?

At ConsumerSafe.com®, we know patients come to us in the darkest of times. We know it’s in stress and despair that you need the most help. You didn’t choose this, but you may have a legal case on your hands and you need a qualified attorney to get fair compensation. 

Big companies know they can be negligent and have corporate attorneys working to favorably settle their case loads every day. At ConsumerSafe.com®, we know you need a professional attorney with a certain type of expertise and experience taking on ‘the big guys’.

We also use care when handling your information and delivering it to a vetted attorney with experience in your type of case, because we are on your side to help you seek justice!