Taking Tylenol While Pregnant Can Lead To Autism

If you took Tylenol (or generic acetaminophen) while pregnant and your child developed Autism, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

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Studies show using Tylenol while pregnant increases the risk of autism.

Exposure to Tylenol or general acetaminophen in the womb, increases a child’s risk for autism spectrum disorder according to multiple studies. 


In a study at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, the risk of autism spectrum disorder were 3 times higher for children whose mothers took the most acetaminophen. 

Tylenol Marketed as "Safe" for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women regularly take Tylenol or generic acetaminophen for minor aches and pains instead of other over the counter pain medications because it’s generally considered “safe” for pregnant mothers. 


This safety perception has made Tylenol use almost universal among pregnant women. 


A recent Johns Hopkins study of 996 births, found acetaminophen compounds in every baby’s umbilical cord.

Those Affected May Be Eligible For Compensation

We are helping parents and children with autism whose mothers used Tylenol or generic acetaminophen during pregnancy to seek compensation. If your child developed autism and the mother took Tylenol or acetaminophen while pregnant, you may be eligible for compensation. 


We can also help if you are an adult with autism and suspect your mother may have taken Tylenol while she was pregnant. To start a claim, enter your contact information or call the number above to speak with a representative who can determine if you have a case and start the sign-up process for you. 

prenatal acetaminophen use is consistently associated with an increased risk of developmental disabilities

Dr. Xiaobin Wang

Director of Center on the Early Life Origins of Disease at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health

Johns Hopkins Study

A Johns Hopkins study analyzing umbilical cord blood samples found that newborns with the highest exposure to acetaminophen were about three times more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. 

The makers of Tylenol did not warn parents

Even though studies show that exposure to Tylenol during pregnancy significantly increases the risk of autism, the makers of Tylenol still did not warn pregnant women about the potential dangers.

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